A sweeper is a truck with brushes underneath for sweeping surfaces and gutters. They’re often referred to as street sweepers or street cleaners, but they don’t just clean streets. These versatile vehicles can be used in a number of ways. Any area that is paved can be cleaned with one of these trucks. They’re frequently used in construction to clean foundations. Airports use them to clear away their runways, and parking lots can also be swept with them.

There are two primary types of street sweeper. The most common uses brushes to clear away debris. The second type cleans with air. They both have the same purpose and end result. They work to remove trash and debris from a paved area, then collect the particles to be disposed of later.

Some have jets underneath that disperse water in a forceful stream in order to loosen debris and clear dust particles. Then brushes come into play, sweeping the loosened bits into a pile for collection. A different brush that’s cylindrical in shape goes on to sweep this rubbish onto a conveyor belt leading to a hopper for storage. Sometimes in place of a second brush is a vacuum system.

The second type of sweeper is the regenerative air cleaner. Instead of brushes, it employs a hydraulic system to agitate the debris on the pavement. Then, it is moved toward the truck in a swirling motion by negative pressure beneath the truck that acts as a vacuum to ultimately pull the particles into a container in the rear of the truck. There are filters within this container that clean the air and reuse it to continue loosening the fragments of trash on the street or pavement. Water then sprays to lessen dust particles.

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