Cabover Truck – Sleeper

Cabover Truck – Sleeper: Short for Cab Over Engine, the driver sits above the engine compartment. Includes a sleeping compartment. The cabover engine design was popular for a 20-year period lasting from 1956 to 1976 when U.S. laws prohibited trucks from being longer than 65-feet long. The lack of a hood allowed for extra cargo space.

Sleeper Cabover trucks have additional sleeping quarters behind the cab where drivers can stretch out to sleep on long-haul trips. Law changes in the late 70s allowed for an additional 10 feet of space on truck encouraging more companies to switch to the conventional design for trucks in the U.S. while many European, Australian, and Japanese trucking companies continue to prefer the cabover body style.

While few drivers need the cabover truck there are some who prefer the design for the nostalgic value, family trucking heritage, and sheer novelty and aesthetics of the design. These trucks certainly make an impression whether on U.S. highways or throughout Europe and other countries.


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2021 FREIGHTLINER 122 SD Cabover Truck - Sleeper in Nashville, TN
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Cabover Truck - Sleeper
2021 Freightliner, 122 SD Conventional - Sleeper Truck, Heavy Duty Truck, Dual 140 Gallon Tanks 23 Gallon DEF Tank All Aluminum Wheels 275/80R 24.5...

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