Rollback Tow Truck

A rollback tow truck is a flatbed-style tow truck where the entire body inclines and slides back to pull the damaged vehicle up onto the bed. No part of the car being towed is in contact with the road while transporting. The common reason to use this type of tow truck is to transport a damaged vehicle from the scene of an accident. It is then taken to a repair shop, to the tow truck lot, or impounded.

The rollback tow truck has other names. You will find listings for slider or flatbed tow truck. No matter the name, they all function the same. The bed works with hydraulics to create an incline to load or release the vehicle. A winch hooks to the vehicle so that the truck does all the work. Once the car is on the flatbed, there are more straps to secure the vehicle.

You will find few variations to the rollback tow truck design. The wheel-lift is sometimes included with a few models of the rollback. The wheel lift grabs the vehicle by the front or rear tires, depending on the drive style of the vehicle. A hydraulic or pneumatic hoist pulls the car onto the flatbed.
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