An auger is a truck with a boom and a drilling/digging bit. It may go by many other names including digger derrick, boom truck, grapple truck, and crane truck. These vehicles are used in a wide variety of industries such as mining, telecommunications, construction, petroleum, and utilities. Their primary purpose is to bore holes deep into the ground. They can also be used to lift heavy materials and carry items with unusual dimensions such as utility poles.

These vehicles have a hydraulic motor and combustion system that, in conjunction with the auger, allow it to have the power to plow through hard or rough terrain in order to dip deep into the ground. Its design offers a unique feature. It’s able to move loosened debris out of the way as it bores deeper into the earth. Augers have the unique ability to make a number of jobs possible.

Auger trucks are large and heavy machinery. They can be used to dig holes for utility poles or to prepare for concrete foundation to hold poles. They can be adapted into bucket trucks with a pin-on bucket, making them suitable for performing tree trimming or repairing utility wires. Companies like these types of trucks for the advantages they offer such as power, efficiency, and speed. They’re also quite safe and easy to maintain.

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