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6 Things a Commercial Driver Should Do at the Scene of an Accident

8 Ways to Grow Driver Loyalty

ATA's Share The Road program promotes safe driving

How many car and SUV drivers know the right way to pass a truck? Do they know where are the blind spots on a truck? reports on the American Trucking Association Share The Road highway safety program, touring the country to educate car drivers about driving safely near big trucks.

One of the tips offered by the ATA is when passing a truck, pass on the left side, where a truck drivers blind spot is smaller.

Do you have advice for car drivers on driving safely alongside big rigs? (Other than “Put down the CELL PHONE!”) Leave a comment below and share some advice.


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6 Things a Commercial Driver Should Do at the Scene of an Accident

You hope it never happens, but you should always be prepared for what to do at the scene of an accident. Doing the right thing can keep everyone safe, and can help protect you in the event of possible lawsuits.

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