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Paper or electronic logbooks? How should truckers track their driving time? reports on the debate over trucker logbooks. Despite recent advances in technology, many truckers use paper logbooks to record their work schedules.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires logbooks to make sure truckers are complying with laws regulating their driving hours to insure they get time to rest.

Electronic logs have been suggested before, but lack of funding or a plan to implement a system have stood in the way.

Other view electronic logs as vulnerable as paper logs to altering or fear the system would put truckers under the thumb of a big-brother surveillance system.


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  1. Ive used both paper and the electronic system to me this is a nobrainer the electronic system is far more easier, no math and much more time for driving and when DOT wants to look at the logs its all there for them,So big brother is in the back seat tell him to by the coffee and donuts……..

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