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8 Essential Gadgets for Truck Drivers

Life as a truck driver is not easy. Even with a decent remuneration package being offered by companies, there’s still an ongoing shortage of drivers. The shortage of drivers is due, in part, to the hardships of life on the road, including isolation/loneliness and negative health impacts. Fortunately for drivers, there are a lot of gadgets that can help make the trucking life better. Here are some essential gadgets for drivers that make driving easier, safer, and more comfortable.

1. GPS

For any driver, having a GPS can be a time saver. While some still prefer looking at a paper map to determine their route, using a GPS can give drivers the fastest route possible and save a couple of hours by helping avoid traffic jams and road closures. Even experienced drivers who know their routes like the back of their hand can benefit from traffic updates that GPS technology can offer.

2. Electric Blanket

Not all drivers have the luxury of sleeping in a hotel. Sometimes it’s a night in the cabin, parked outdoors where it’s possible to have freezing temperatures in the evenings. An electric blanket will heat up those cold nights to give a more comfortable and relaxing sleep.

3. Handpresso Portable Espresso-Maker

Coffee is one of the best friends a truck driver will ever have. This drink helps them get through the long haul, where staying bright-eyed, focused, and safe is of utmost importance. With a portable espresso maker, drivers can enjoy a nice shot of espresso anytime of the day!

4. Portable Refrigerator & Grill

Life on the road can be harsh on a driver’s health. Truck stops or roadside diners don’t always serve the healthiest of meals. Having a portable fridge helps drivers store healthy drinks and a grill to cook meals that are good for the body instead of going for the soda and burger option all the time.

5. Dash Cams

Quickly becoming an essential for all professional drivers, dash cams record the road conditions and actions of drivers in cases of accidents. It’s not just to determine fault and liability, but data from dash cams can be used to improve driving habits and increase safety for the drivers, their cargo, and everyone else on the road.

6. Hand-Held Tire-Pressure Monitor

Cross-country drives can be punishing to the tires, even more so when there’s a full load to carry. A hand held tire pressure monitor allows a driver to check on tire health anytime without having to look for the nearest truck stop or gas station. The best thing about this is that they can check the tire pressure without leaving the driver’s seat!

7. A Smartphone

No matter what brand, a smartphone is another all in one gadget important to every truck driver. Aside from being the line of communication to the company, it’s also the line to family and loved ones. It provides access to the internet and entertainment, especially during stops that can tend to be lonely.

8. A Power Inverter

You can have all these cool gadgets but they’d be pretty useless if they have no juice. Here’s where a power converter can come in handy. This device acts like a wall socket and lets you plug all your gadgets for power. This little thing can power or charge every gadget listed here and then some. Just plug your converter into the cigarette lighter and you’re all set.

While life on the road isn’t always ideal, it doesn’t have to be boring and difficult. Thanks to these gadgets, living the trucking life is now more appealing because drivers can have a safer and easier ride ahead of them.

Author: Mia Clarke


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