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5 of the Biggest Objects Ever Moved on the Road (Infographic)

5 of the Biggest Objects Ever Moved on the Road (Infographic)

In the U.S. and around the world, mankind has transported some huge cargo. Especially if you drive semi trucks or tow trucks, you know how hard it can be to pull a heavy load, which makes it even more impressive when people manage to haul a boulder or a space shuttle. In fact, it’s so cool that we’ve collected 5 of the Biggest Objects Ever Moved on the Road in one awesome infographic – take a look!

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1. The Endeavor

We have to start with the space shuttle. In 2012, the Endeavor traveled 12 miles, from the Los Angeles International Airport to the California Science Center. Thousands of people came out to view the shuttle, which took up 6 highway lanes and required workers to trim trees as it rolled by.1

2. Levitating Mass Boulder

When a 340-ton boulder in the Jurupa Valley Quarry was selected for use in a large-scale public art installation, it was transported 106 miles to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. As part of the Levitating Mass exhibit, the boulder is bolted over a trench to allow viewers a 360° view.2

3. Wind Turbine Blades

Wind power is increasingly popular, but it’s not easy to get those turbine blades where they need to go. A wind farm in China recently had 80-ton, 172-feet blades transported over Baoding Mountain, which is 1,312-feet high. To navigate sharp corners, the truckers had to actually pivot the blades.3

4. UK Power Transformer

The title for “heaviest load ever hauled in Britain” was claimed in 2013 by a 640-ton power station transformer. The transport was 328-feet long and 16-feet wide, and caused a 13-mile backup due to its slow travel speed of 4-mph.4

5. Generate Some Excitement

The “heaviest load ever hauled in America” traveled a whopping 850 miles, from California to Utah, as a Mack Titan pulled a custom-built 300-foot long trailer, with 192 wheels. On that trailer? A 400-ton generator. In full, the job involved transporting 4 generators, one at a time of course.


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  1. The last one was moved by Perkins from Northfield MN. Why didn’t the author explain the rest of the vehicle, the loads were not hauled on the truck only.

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