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New Resource: Checklist for Buying Vehicles Online

New Resource: Checklist for Buying Vehicles Online

There are lots of reasons why you might want to buy a new truck or van –  you might be a freelance driver, a small-business owner, or a fleet manager for a big company. Whatever your reason for wanting to buy a new commercial vehicle, there is a lot to consider. How do you know you’re thinking through all the important factors to make a good decision?

Here at Commercial Truck Trader, we’re very familiar with the vehicle purchase process, from building your wishlist of desired features to taking advantage of virtual buying options. To educate and support commercial vehicle buyers with their online buying journey, we’ve put together a 7-step checklist that’s free for shoppers to download and use.

We invite you to click the link to download 7 Quick Tips for Buying Commercial Vehicles in a Virtual World. When you do, here’s what you’ll find: 

  • Questions to guide building your wishlist
  • Considerations for figuring out your budget
  • A breakdown of commercial vehicle classifications
  • What to look for in online commercial vehicle listings
  • Ways to connect with the seller
  • Virtual buying options available through many sellers
  • Tips for avoiding frauds and scams

Our 7-step checklist is an insightful resource for first-time buyers, and a helpful refresher for fleet management pros. By working your way through the checklist, you should be well-equipped to buy the truck or van that’s best for you and your business. Plus, it’s just one of many free resources we put together for buyers like you. For more information, visit our How-to-Buy Commercial Vehicles resource center.


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Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith
is the Content Manager at Trader Interactive, managing marketing content development for ATV Trader, Commercial Truck Trader, Cycle Trader, Equipment Trader, RV Trader, and more. Ethan believes in using accessible language to elevate conversations about industry topics relevant to marketplace buyers and sellers.

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