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The Upside of Vehicle Upfits: 5 Benefits for Your Business


Sometimes the original specs of a vehicle need modifications. That’s why business owners, fleet managers, contractors, technicians, and other workers upfit their trucks and vans. Upfits are additions and upgrades installed onto a vehicle that allow the user to do specific work. Upfits can range from simple ladder racks and storage to work stations, security features, and crane arms.

However, you may be asking what the full value of upfits really are, and why people bother upfitting trucks and vans instead of making do with the original vehicle body. To explore the upside of upfits, here are 5 benefits of upfitting your commercial vehicle: 

1. Upfits Let You Accomplish Specific Tasks

We already hinted at this in the introduction, but upfits allow all kinds of workers to accomplish specific vocational tasks. Upfits can be necessary tools for certain plumbers, construction workers, electricians, painters, HVAC technicians, locksmiths, biotech or hazardous material transport drivers, food truck chefs, and many other craftspeople, technicians, and contractors.

2. Upfits Help You Work Faster & More Efficiently

With an upfitted vehicle, you can complete jobs more efficiently and more quickly. For example, a construction worker with a standard toolbox upfit on their truck can transport a wider selection of tools with them to a job. Similarly, a contractor with an upfitted van can do work right at an upfit workbench instead of having to travel back to a workshop.

3. Upfits Increase Worker Safety

Upfits that increase efficiency will help to decrease operator fatigue, while other ergonomically designed upfits can be installed with safety specifically in mind. Safety upfits include walkramps, steps, step bumpers, grab handles, access ladders, platforms, running boards, lighting, mirrors, video systems, and more.

4. Upfits Help You Make More Money

With an upfitted truck or van, you can now compete for jobs that require contractors who have the specific upfits to get the job done. And with upfits helping you to work more efficiently, you can complete jobs more quickly, allowing you to take on more projects and increase your profits.

5. Upfits Increase Worker Satisfaction

The main priorities of service techs and other contractors are to produce quality work, stay on schedule, and stay safe. By providing the equipment and space to get the job done well and safely, workers are going to be more satisfied with their day-to-day labor, which in turn enhances employee morale and retention.

Bonus Benefits: Standard vs. Custom Upfits

Other benefits can depend on if you obtain standard or custom upfits. Standard upfits are great because their consistent design simplifies safety and new-hire training. Additionally, their stock equipment and parts can be easily interchanged, letting you easily repurpose or reassign trucks or vans to various jobs. On the other hand, custom upfits let you choose the exact modification specs that align with your job. Equipment installations that precisely match the work you want to accomplish let you perform more accurately, efficiently, and quickly.

Conclusion: Whether standard or custom, commercial vehicle upfits provide clear benefits to your business by enhancing flexibility, productivity, safety, profitability, and employee satisfaction. If you’re looking to purchase an upfitted truck or van, be sure to check out, where you can filter search results by upfit make and type. 


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