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8 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Work Van

You work hard at your job, putting in the kind of effort and passion that keeps our communities and our nation thriving. Shouldn’t your commercial van work just as hard? After all, it might be the most important tool in your business. We realize that you have a variety of options when choosing a vehicle for your business, and we know it’s a big deal that you’ve chosen a work van. Modern work vans, like the refreshed 2022 Ram ProMaster, are built to help you accomplish big projects while remaining flexible and ready to respond to the ever-changing climate of business. Here are eight ways you can get the most out of your work van:

Take Advantage of all Its Features

The last thing you want to do as a busy supervisor or tradesman is to miss out on cargo van features that could make the job safer and more efficient. Here’s how you can take full advantage of your work van’s features: 

  • Utilize the Technology: Today’s commercial vans are completely different from vans of the past. For example, ProMaster offers features that were never a consideration with other vans.  Now, commercial vans provide standard and optional technology options that help you work smarter, like the available 10in touchscreen, wireless Android auto and Apple Carplay, dual bluetooth connectivity, charging, etc. From forward-collision warning and blind spot monitoring to digital rearview mirrors, new technology can enhance the safety of you and your employees. Additionally, we know how important safety is to you and your workers. ProMaster has considered this and included a class-exclusive active drive assist system as an available safety feature. You also have access to convenience upgrades, like remote proximity keyless entry for all doors, remote start, and a 360-degree camera, which can all make your life easier. These kinds of technology enhancements are what make the 2022 ProMaster the most advanced Ram ProMaster ever made.
  • Take Advantage of Versatility: New work vans will provide you with the most updated interiors that give you the flexibility you need to accomplish any job. In particular, today’s commercial vans are designed to give you the versatile space you need, whether you’re looking for storage or room to work right in the van. With the Ram ProMaster’s crew van option, you can create second-row seating that gives you three more seats, including a partition. Plus, the new Ram ProMaster comes with a 10-inch touchscreen with Wi-Fi capability and a 115v outlet for your mobile workspace. 
  • Access Its Full Capability: Not only do work vans offer plenty of best-in-class cargo capacity, new models, like the Ram ProMaster, also look to provide you with enhanced capabilities and hauling power. Safety upgrades also help to ensure you can deliver with confidence, and the updated technology helps you and your team work more efficiently. For example, the new Ram ProMaster comes with an updated powertrain, new transmission, and class-exclusive FWD for predictability and reliability without sacrificing the ability to deliver optimal payload. Additionally, using the new 3.6L Pentastar upgrade with nine-speed transmission, the Ram ProMaster delivers best-in-class capability more efficiently.

Use these Capabilities in Your Day-to-Day Work Life

Your work van allows you to get tough jobs done efficiently, no matter what you do. As a hard-working tradesman, you rely on your vehicle to support and improve the productivity of you and your business. Here’s how working-class heroes like yourself can utilize your commercial van’s capabilities:

  • Lawn & Garden Services: If you’ve made a career from your green thumb, then you know how beneficial your cargo van’s space is when you have to haul plants, soil, and landscaping equipment. Whether you need to transport mowers, weed-wackers, seed spreaders, or any other lawn and garden tool, your van can easily get your crew and your equipment where you need to go to get the job done.
  • Delivery Driver: The unmatched capacity within a commercial van makes them beneficial for all types of delivery drivers, as well. Whether you’re delivering for a catering company, dry cleaner, flower shop, and more, your van’s ample cargo space is ideal for hauling a variety of goods from place to place.
  • Moving Services: Moving companies do the heavy lifting and hauling for customers, thanks to their van’s cargo space. That work becomes especially manageable if you’re in the 2022 Ram ProMaster, which offers the tallest and widest standard cargo area in its class.
  • Mobile Workspace: Along with cargo, your work van also carries the most important part of your business—you. Utilize the new technology your vehicle is equipped with to work from anywhere. Small-business owners and tradesmen can adapt a work-from-anywhere environment, while maintaining communication with customers and employees, with built-in Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity features.
  • Upfits to Benefit Everyone: Customize your commercial van to fit your business needs with upfits. Everyone from electricians, plumbers, and construction workers to food truck chefs and delivery drivers can upfit their work van. Upfits can be installed to maximize the versatility of the van and provide optimal storage for everything you need.

It’s not just small-business owners and tradesmen who are taking advantage of spacious commercial vans. Consumers are jumping on the trend of buying and converting these work vehicles into RVs. New cargo vans are built with versatility in mind, and are easily upfitted to meet your exact needs. This makes commercial vans ideal for renovating into an RV camper, like this home-built camper that started as a Ram ProMaster 3500.

You’re not defined by the work you do, but by the effort and passion you put into your work. New cargo vans help you get that work done more safely and efficiently than ever before. The new Ram ProMaster is the perfect example of a work van that can enhance your business. If you’re looking for your next commercial truck or van, check out the nationwide selection of for-sale inventory on

Ram ProMaster is creating a new standard for the large cargo van with the 2022 ProMaster, which offers more features than any other competitor with a refined interior appearance, updated technology, safety features, hauling power and more.

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