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7 Ways to Bring Your Drivers Cheer Over the Holidays

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Santa isn’t the only one making deliveries during the holidays—your drivers are also working hard in a box truck, cargo van, or other vehicle. Driving can be particularly hard between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, with so many deadlines to meet, the isolation of life on the road, and worries about how drivers can make the celebrations special for their families. This is where good fleet managers can step in and make a difference for their drivers when it matters most. Commercial Truck Trader is sharing seven ways you can bring cheer to your drivers over the holidays.

1. Time Off

It’s the busiest time of the year and the holiday stress adds up when drivers are trying to get home to their families, buy gifts, cook dinner, and relax during the holidays. It can be hard to do during the holidays, but try to set aside extra time in the calendar during November and December to let drivers rest up and spend time with their loved ones. If shifts absolutely have to be filled on the holiday itself, be sure to give those scheduled off for the days immediately before or after the holiday so they have guaranteed time to celebrate at home. Schedule holidays well in advance so drivers know ahead of time and don’t have to worry about what to expect.

2. Thanksgiving Dinner

Holiday feasts should be something your drivers look forward to, even if they’re working. Buy your truckers Thanksgiving dinner when they’re working or give them some food they can enjoy during a break. Hard work can make your drivers hungry, so paying for a turkey dinner or a side of sweet potato casserole shows you’re thankful for your fleet.

3. Holiday Savings

This is another incentive your company could provide in order to take care of your drivers. Holiday Savings plans can be set up much like other savings where drivers can choose to set aside money from each paycheck that they can then access during the holidays. When the hustle of the holidays comes, the money will be there for them.

4. Gifts

Surprise your drivers with gifts in the upcoming months. You can personalize presents to show that you care about your employees. You could even buy them items they could use for their truck, from accessories like audio entertainment to decorations that make the cab feel like home over the holidays. Go big and buy them one gift they could really use, or purchase several small gifts throughout the season.

5. Call Your Drivers

Sometimes it can be as simple as calling up your driver to wish them a happy holiday and letting them know how appreciative you are for their work. Life on the road can be lonely. Giving them some attention shows you care and gets everyone in a good holiday mood.

6. Charity Drive

It’s the time of year to give back, and hosting a charity drive gets your drivers involved and demonstrates how you run a positive workplace that cares for others while the fleet feels they’re making a difference too. Non-perishable canned foods, cash, and toys for kids can be collected by the company to show compassion.

7. Bonus

An end-of-the-year bonus goes a long way for a driver. It rewards them for a job well done and gets everyone in the holiday spirit. That bonus check will help them take care of their family, make some improvements to their vehicle, or just treat themselves. Put it in a holiday card to make it more special. In the end, it pays off for you by creating a positive workplace going into the new year.

Conclusion: Make the holidays a joyful time of year for your drivers as they head down the road. Gifts, dinner, or simply a kind word can keep the celebration going and the fleet moving. And if you’re in the market for a new utility truck or other work vehicle, find the best selection of new and used units at


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Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller

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