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A work truck or van is a great investment for your business. Whether you need to downsize, upsize, or just want something new, you may decide to sell your current commercial vehicle first. There are several different routes to take if you decide to sell your used truck or van. If time is a factor, or you’re looking to quickly turn a profit, here are five ways to sell your work truck fast from Commercial Truck Trader.

1. Display a For Sale Sign

Using a for sale sign to sell your commercial vehicle is a longstanding and dependable way to catch the attention of potential buyers. Display the sign in the window or windshield of your truck or van, then park your vehicle in a heavily trafficked area. The sign should have large, legible writing so anyone walking or driving by can see it. Make sure to include some information about the work truck or van, including the make, model and year, along with your contact information. If you decide to leave your vehicle in front of a private business, ask permission from the owner beforehand so your for-sale vehicle doesn’t get towed.

If you’re still using the work truck or van, the side or rear window is a good place to display the for sale sign, as long as it’s not obstructing your view. You can also print for sale flyers and hang them around town and on community boards at local businesses. These flyers should contain the same information as a for sale sign about the truck or van you’re selling. Flyers allow you to attract prospective customers in your area, without potentially compromising the use of your vehicle on the job.

2. List Your Work Vehicle on an Online Marketplace

Take a modern-day approach to selling by listing your commercial vehicle on an online marketplace. You’ll be able to reach shoppers from all over the country by simply creating a listing with details about your for-sale truck or van in just minutes. Shoppers can browse specific types of commercial vehicles by the make, model, mileage, cab type, and more, allowing them to find your listing faster if it’s a match.

Be sure to write a comprehensive listing description and include any additional features and upfits you’ve made to the vehicle. The more details you give a shopper, the less back and forth, and the sooner you’ll be able to sell your work truck or van. These online marketplaces also allow you to include high-quality photos so potential buyers can see as much as possible of the unit before contacting you.

3. Sell on Social Media

Utilize the internet in a different way by selling your commercial truck or van on social media platforms. You can create your own ad/listing by taking a few photos of your for-sale vehicle and posting them on community pages, shared-interest groups, and your personal accounts. Similar to an online marketplace, Facebook Marketplace allows you to reach shoppers virtually. Interested buyers can browse for-sale items in their area, giving you the added benefit of not needing to squabble over shipping and delivery costs.

In addition to photos, you can also utilize videos to describe some of the features and modifications to your truck or van. Say you want to show off the ample space in the back of your cargo van. Just use your smartphone to record a video then share it to Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for another quick way to attract potential customers.

4. Sell Directly to a Dealer

Selling to a private party isn’t your only option. Contact a dealership to purchase your commercial truck or van quickly and easily. Dealers have convenient business hours and availability, making it easy for you to visit with your unit and leave with a deal. When you sell to a dealership, they’ll also handle all of the transfer paperwork for you. You’ll save more time on the selling process since  you won’t have to seek out a buyer and verify their credentials and payment.

If there is an industry demand for used work vehicles, you might receive an instant cash offer from a dealership. Since dealers are going to resell your unit, they’re also looking to close swiftly. To ensure you get the most profit, visit multiple dealerships to compare offers.

5. Trade In for a New Vehicle

Not every seller is driven by profit, especially if you’ve already got your eye on something new. Instead of selling to a dealership outright, you can trade in your work vehicle for a new unit. The dealer will offer you a value for your used truck or van, allowing you to spend that amount on your next one. You could even save some money on the sales tax. Many states only charge the difference between the trade-in value of your for-sale unit and the price of your new one. The trade-in process can be just as fast as a straightforward sale to a dealership, especially if you know what type of commercial vehicle you want next. Make sure you spend some time shopping around to different dealers to get the most from your used vehicle and find your new one.


Despite what many think, selling your commercial vehicle can be a quick process if you know the best methods. Displaying a for sale sign, listing on an online marketplace, selling on social media or to a dealer, and trading in for a new vehicle can help you sell your work truck or van fast. Before you list your for-sale vehicle, be sure to clean it thoroughly so it’s ready to entice a prospective buyer. Read our previous article for more tips on selling your commercial vehicle.

If you’re ready to list your work truck or van online, start with the nationwide marketplace at Use promo code SELL25 to get 25% off your listing from now until the end of the year.


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Arielle Patterson
Arielle Patterson

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