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truck driver gift guide

Commercial driving is more than a job, for many, it’s a lifestyle. Long hours on the road and limited cab space can make it challenging to find the right gift for the driver in your life. Fortunately, Commercial Truck Trader has put together a list of 20 holiday gift ideas for drivers. These thoughtful gifts can help make their jobs more comfortable, manageable, and even entertaining.

1. Compression Socks

compression socks

Socks often get a bad reputation as a holiday gift, but the commercial driver in your life will thank you for a new pair of compression socks. Sitting for long periods of time in the same position can cause blood clots in the leg. Compression socks have been proven to help prevent blood clot formation and reduce leg pain caused by sitting in the same position.

2. Polarized Sunglasses

polarized sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are a practical, stylish accessory for drivers traveling in the sun for several hours a day. A quality pair of polarized sunglasses can block the sun’s glare to improve clarity and contrast on the road. Some pairs even offer UVA and UVB protection for your eyes.

3. Diversion Safe

diversion safe

Drivers often keep valuables in their cab when they’re on the road. Offer them some peace of mind with a portable diversion safe. While some safes are obvious and stand out to thieves, a diversion safe is disguised to look like an every-day item that doesn’t draw attention. They’ll be able to conceal and protect their belongings in a phony book, soda bottle, food can, and more.

4. Dash Cam

dash cam

Another gift to provide a sense of security is a dash cam. These handy devices can offer a front- or rear-facing view to document all of the happenings on the road. Dash cams can help protect drivers against legal trouble if an accident occurs, but can also capture all the crazy things that happen on the road to watch back and laugh.

5. Heavy-Duty Flashlight

heavy duty flashlight

Safety is always a concern for commercial drivers, especially when they stop at truck stops. Heavy-duty flashlights provide long-range beam distance and also double as a defensive weapon. 

6. Multitool


An axe, hammer, and pry bar come in one handy tool with Trucker’s Friend Multitool This combines all three for any situation a driver may find themself in, whether out on the road or parked back on the lot.

7. Seat Organizer

car seat organizer

Cab space is limited so drivers must strategically organize to maximize their space. A passenger car seat organizer has helpful pockets to store items such as a laptop, tablet, smartphone, water bottle, pens, notebook, and more.  

8. Seat Gap Filler

seat gap filler

Gone are the days of loose french fries between the seats of a truck or van. A seat gap filler fits in the space between most seats and consoles to keep floors clean and prevent driver distraction.

9. Insulated Tumbler


Help the driver in your life stay hydrated on the road with an insulated tumbler. These tumblers come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes that fit in the cup holder of a truck or van. Made with stainless steel, these will keep cold drinks chilled and hot drinks heated for those long hours on the road.

10. Steering Wheel Tray Attachment

steering wheel desk

A steering wheel tray attachment hooks onto a rig’s steering wheel. Drivers can use it when they aren’t driving to eat meals or check emails in their Class 2 truck.

11. Portable Refrigerator

portable refrigerator

Drivers can skip the fast food drive-thru and travel with their own food that’s stored in a portable refrigerator. Depending on how much space they have, a driver can easily access food and drinks without having to stop.

12. Portable Food Warmer

portable food warmer

Truck stop food isn’t always the tastiest or healthiest option. Let drivers prepare their own meals with a portable food warmer. These plug right into 110V outlets and can remain stable while the truck or van is in motion.

13. Ebook Reader

ebook reader

If your commercial driver loves to read during their downtime, consider getting them an ebook reader. Space is limited in a truck or van, but ebook readers have a full catalog of books in one device.

14. Audio Books


A driver’s downtime might not offer enough time for reading. Let them listen to their books as they drive with an audiobook subscription. Hearing exciting and interesting stories on the road can help make their days go by faster.

15. Streaming Service

streaming services

Technology allows us to access television shows and movies from anywhere. The gift of a streaming service can give a driver some entertainment during their downtime. There are a variety of subscriptions and packages to sign up for that offer live sports, news, and weather, as well as binge-worthy shows, classic films, and the latest blockbuster hits.

16. Seat Cushion

seat cushion

Long hours on the road can leave a driver’s body feeling tired and achy. Give them the gift of relief with a padded seat cushion. These not only provide comfort but can also improve a driver’s posture.

17. Sleeper Mattress


Sleep is key for OTR drivers operating large commercial vehicles. While the goal is to get as much rest as possible before getting behind the wheel, many drivers will take naps in their cab. There are a variety of sleeper mattresses, designed with drivers in mind, that can conform to the body, promote comfortable sleep, reduce motion transfer, and fit inside trucks of all sizes.

18. Comfortable Pillow


Pair their new mattress with a comfortable pillow to encourage a great night’s sleep and reduce a driver’s fatigue. Many pillows are designed with technology to adapt to someone’s body and deliver a relaxing, cool sleep experience. Best part is, a driver can take their pillow from their sleeper cab to anywhere they want to rest.

19. Sleep Mask

sleep mask

Drivers get rest whenever they can, which might not always be when it’s pitch black outside. Help them get quality sleep with a sleep mask that blocks outside light.

20. A New Commercial Vehicle

commercial truck and van

The best gift for any commercial driver is a new truck or van. Begin your search for yourself or the driver in your life by browsing the nationwide online marketplace at


Drivers spend long hours or days on the road and away from their families. Treat them to a gift they’ll really enjoy, pulling inspiration from our recommendations. We appreciate the hard-working drivers that keep things moving in our country. The Commercial Truck Trader family would like to wish you happy holidays!


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Arielle Patterson
Arielle Patterson

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