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11 Ways to Make Drivers' Lives Easier

Hauling heavy loads, driving long routes, and making deliveries, your drivers work hard day and night. As a fleet manager, you have the ability to make the job go smoothly and keep your drivers satisfied as they work around the clock. Here are Commercial Truck Trader’s 11 ways to make drivers’ lives easier.

1. Provide Great Vehicles

Make sure your fleet is running strong by giving your drivers the best trucks and vans for their work. Commercial vehicles with features like automatic transmission, improved fuel economy, the latest technology, and safety features all help drivers get their work done with ease.

2. Optimize Routes

This is a win-win for your company and drivers. By optimizing routes you can deliver more loads on time, shorten the amount of time a driver is away from home, and ultimately satisfy both clients and drivers. You can use optimization software to plan out routes that save time, fuel, and money, all while helping your driver stay on schedule.

3. Give Extra Time

When you plan your drivers’ routes, set aside extra time so they’re not stressed or in a rush. Plan ahead and set aside time in case an unforeseen accident occurs on the road, there’s a truck problem, or they run into inclement weather.

4. Schedule Breaks

The job can be demanding with long hours spent behind the wheel. Let your drivers break up the drive by encouraging them to pull off the road to take breaks, even for a brief moment. They’ll have more energy and feel better. Schedule breaks for your drivers each day.

5. Encourage Healthy Eating and Exercise

Encourage your drivers to get exercise and eat healthy when they’re traveling. By making the most of their time on the road, this can be positive for their mood, their job performance, and their overall health.

6. Communicate

Give them a phone call, chat with them over the web, or send a simple text message to see how your driver’s day is going. Give them positive feedback. Ask them if they need anything while they’re working, and let them know you appreciate their hard work.

7. Raise Pay

Reward drivers for their hard work with pay raises. Provide an increase in pay for weekend driving and give performance bonuses. Consider annual raises for drivers that have been with your fleet for longer periods of time. Competitive pay is one of the best ways to improve recruitment and increase retention.

8. Provide Benefits

Benefits go a long way for your drivers. Offering a 401(k) retirement savings plan and coverage for health insurance are a couple ways your company can take care of your employees and their families. It also shows that your company cares about the wellbeing of your drivers.

9. Give Time Off

Stress adds up on the road when drivers are away from home and working weeks on end. Schedule days off for your drivers and provide paid time off during holidays. You should also make sure drivers use their vacation hours so they can recharge and be ready to get back to work.

10. Allow Pets

Pets can be a big benefit for your drivers when they join them on routes. Pets can improve their mood while eliminating loneliness and stress while they work, which makes your drivers happier. In the long run, a pet-friendly workplace can also improve your company culture and boost driver loyalty.

11. Provide Helpful Coaching

Driver coaching helps drivers stay engaged, keep safe, and improve their skills on the road. Be clear with policies and goals, give constructive feedback on their performance, and train them in a respectful way. Sharing insights and experience will help them take on challenges and become better drivers.

When they’re working hard, show your drivers you’re looking out for them. Make your drivers’ lives easier by planning routes, scheduling breaks, rewarding strong performance, and providing the best trucks for the job. Find a great selection of new and used trucks on or on our sister site


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Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller

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