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Top 10 Roadside Attractions for Truckers

Top 10 Roadside Attractions for Truckers

Truck drivers know that even when you’re moving swiftly down the road, daily routines and tasks can make the days seem slow and repetitive. Luckily for those on long and laborious journeys, there are many roadside attractions across the country that let you quickly hop off the highway, have some fun, and then get back on the road to meet your deadlines. With stops that are amusing and out of the ordinary, here are Commercial Truck Trader’s top 10 roadside attractions for truckers.

1. Enchanted Highway – Regent, North Dakota

Just off Interstate 94 on the plains of North Dakota you’ll find Enchanted Highway, featuring the largest scrap metal sculptures in the world scattered along 32 miles of road. It’s a strange sight with larger-than-life sculptures of flying geese, pheasants on a prairie, a tin family, and other bizarre artwork.

2. Hole N” The Rock Home – San Juan County, Utah

Hole N” The Rock Home is a 5,000-square-foot home carved right in the terrain next to U.S. Highway 191 in Utah’s Canyon Country. The family home was designed in the middle of the 20th century with 14 rooms carved in the side of a sandstone cliff that’s now open to visit. 

3. Cadillac Ranch – Amarillo, Texas

This eye-catching public art installation situated along I-40 on the Texas panhandle was introduced in 1974 by the art group Ant Farm. It’s a row of classic Cadillacs with their hoods buried in the ground, covered in graffiti, and usually surrounded with cans of spray paint in case you feel like adding your own artwork.

4. Peachoid – Gaffney, South Carolina

A symbol of pride for South Carolina’s peach orchards, Peachoid is a 135-foot-tall water tower painted like a giant peach that holds up to 1 million gallons of water. You don’t even have to get out of your truck to see this one—it’s located right along Interstate 85 and is said to be the most photographed water tower in the country.

5. Cabazon Dinosaurs – Cabazon, California

Jurassic-age dinosaurs are roaming the land beside Interstate 10 out in the California desert. Sprawled out near an open-air dinosaur museum, you’ll find a 65-foot-tall Tyrannosaurus rex and 165-foot-long Brontosaurus, each made out of steel and concrete; it’s quite a sight to see!

6. Fremont Troll – Seattle, Washington

If you take a detour in Seattle on State Route 99, beware of the Fremont Troll who lives underneath the George Washington Memorial Bridge and looks to devour motorists. It’s a mixed-media sculpture of a giant troll clasping a vintage Volkswagen Beetle it supposedly snatched off the freeway.

7. Carhenge – Alliance, Nebraska

On the Nebraska High Plains you might laugh and shake your head when you see Carhenge, the automotive version of England’s Stonehenge. This sculpture features 39 retro cars covered in gray paint to look like stones stacked on top of each other in a circle on Highway 87.

8. Garden of One Thousand Buddhas – Arlee, Montana

If you’re looking to make a spiritual pitstop on your journey, this is it. Off Highway 93 N, a public park is lined with 1,000 Buddha statues that rest along the paths at this place of worship that is open to those of all faiths. The botanical garden and Buddhist center is surrounded with views of the Montana landscape.

9. Iowa 80 – Walcott, Iowa

The world’s largest truck stop is located off Interstate 80 with a 220-acre plot devoted to all things trucking. Aside from plenty of convenient parking, fuel pumps, and Certified Automated Truck (CAT) scales, this facility is also where you can eat, shop, check out showrooms with trucks, play games, lounge, and even get a haircut.

10. Lucy the Elephant – Margate City, New Jersey

On Atlantic Avenue just outside of Atlantic City you’ll see a 65-foot-tall elephant made of wood and tin named Lucy. She’s a National Historic Landmark that’s been around since 1881 and has made appearances in numerous movies and TV shows. The oldest surviving roadside tourist attraction in the country, Lucy is currently surrounded by scaffolding for renovations and is expected to reopen by Memorial Day.

Change things up on your route by visiting a roadside attraction. These points of interest around the country make the job and the journey more enjoyable. Find the right truck for your roadside sightseeing with a selection of new and used vehicles on or on our sister site


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Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller

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