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8 Ways to Compare Listings When Buying Work Trucks Online

8 Ways to Compare Listings When Buying Work Trucks Online

Whether you’re buying a truck for yourself or for your fleet, shopping online can be difficult with so many for-sale listings and what seems like an endless list of add-on features for vehicles. How do you choose the right truck to purchase? It takes time and research to find the best truck for your job or your company. To make things easier, Commercial Truck Trader is sharing eight ways to compare listings when buying a truck online.

1. Type of Vehicle

Narrow things down when you start your search by figuring out what type of truck you need. Consider what you’ll be using your truck for, what’s your line of work, what class you can drive with your commercial driver’s license, and your volume of business—including how much you’re hauling and how far you have to go. The number of categories for truck listings is extensive. Popular marketplace listings include box truck, conventional truck with a day cab or sleeper, bus, van, truck with a trailer, car hauler, and so on. Another way to quickly filter the start of your search is by choosing what class of truck you need based on their weight limit for loading.

2. Price

Pricing is going to be a huge factor that guides which commercial truck to buy. Whether you’re buying for yourself or your business, chances are you’re working on a budget. Set a limit on how much you’ll spend, then browse listings to get an idea of the general value for a truck. Once you see a fair price for a vehicle that you can afford, it’s easier to compare the pricing between listings and make a decision based on what that individual unit has to offer.

3. Description

When you compare trucks, the listing description should have plenty of details so you make a well-informed purchase. When looking at listings, consider descriptions that include:

  • Year
  • Make and Model
  • Engine Size/Type
  • Mileage
  • Transmission Type
  • Cab Size

Of course, there are even more filters you can choose from, but this is just a start to help you during your search. When you create a MyTrader account, you can use the “Saved Search” feature to see all of your favorite listings to compare them. You can fill out a popular search or set filters, save it, and run that specific search any time with one click. You can save as many searches as you would like and modify or delete them as you shop. 

4. Upfit Information

Upfits to your vehicle should be considered during your search if you have a specific job or task to get done. These popular improvements or add-ons can be anything from a simple ladder rack to a full body overhaul. Find a full list of upfitted vehicles through the search filters “Upfit Body Type” and “Upfit Body Make” when you search on the Commercial Truck Trader marketplace.

5. New or Used

There are several pros and cons when buying new versus used. With a new purchase, you’re getting the best version of a vehicle available. This can mean you’ll have less maintenance issues right away, saving you both time and money with repairs. However, buying new can cost significantly more than buying a used vehicle. Saving right away with a used vehicle can be beneficial for a new or growing business. You or drivers in your fleet may already be familiar with older makes/models, needing less time to train and adjust than with a new purchase.

6. Dealer or Private Seller

Dealers can be trusted as reliable sellers with detailed descriptions on vehicles. Shoppers also leave informative reviews for dealers based on the quality of their units and overall buying experience. Some dealers offer warranties on vehicles you might not get from a private seller. However, a private seller may have a vehicle that’s offered at a competitive price, or a vehicle that’s harder to come by on the market. Either way, you want to make sure that the seller is knowledgeable about their truck, keeps up communication, and can be trusted.

7. Photos & Videos

The best listings have plenty of photos of vehicles at all angles, and videos of the vehicle in action, so you know exactly what you’re getting. If the truck is used, you should have a better idea of its defects just by looking at a photo. Use caution when considering listings without photos, with stock images, or with images of vehicles that don’t match information found in the description.

8. Location

How far will you travel for your purchase? If you’re buying an individual truck, you may have more leeway to expand your search versus making multiple truck purchases for a fleet. You have the option to find listings that are local, based on how many miles they are from you, or you could search from listings found around the country. Keep in mind that it may cost more the further you have to travel for your purchase. However, you will have a larger selection to choose from with a wider area of search. See if your listing has a delivery option and how much it may cost.

Find the best truck for you and your business by comparing marketplace listings. Make your selection easier by narrowing down your search based on what you need and connecting with a dealer or seller. Start comparing listings today with a selection of new and used vehicles on or on our sister site



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Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller

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