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9 Benefits of Electric Vehicles

9 Benefits of Electric Vehicles

The future of commercial truck driving is here, with new electric work trucks and vans coming to the market. Replacing the internal combustion engine, these new vehicles are powered by lithium ion batteries charged by an electric source. These vehicles help reduce carbon emissions, save you money and time with repairs, and help improve your fleet’s efficiency. Commercial Truck Trader is sharing nine benefits of electric work trucks and vans.

1. Electric Vehicles Are Eco-Friendly

Using electric commercial vehicles is another big way to make your fleet more sustainable. Electric vehicles use rechargeable batteries for power, making them a big part of the solution to the climate crisis. As an alternative to trucks that run on an internal combustion engine and fuel, these eco-friendly vehicles reduce your company’s carbon emissions by using renewable energy.

2. Lower Cost of Ownership with Electric Vehicles

While electric work trucks and vans for sale cost more with the initial purchase, this will change as they become more available on the market. When it comes to Total Cost of Ownership, you’ll see a significant amount of savings for your business over time, especially when compared to diesel-operated trucks. Since you won’t have to worry about refueling your vehicle, you’ll save money, and over time spend less with maintenance and repairs.

3. Improved Driving with Electric Vehicles

Coming with the latest technology, electric commercial vehicles are easier to drive. These work trucks and vans have vehicle parts that respond faster for drivers, giving you a gradual stop when you put your foot on the pedal to brake and instant torque and acceleration. And you can have peace of mind when you drive, as you will never have to worry about hot engine temperatures when carrying heavy cargo.

4. Electric Vehicles Are Easier to Maintain

Doing away with the complicated parts found in diesel-powered trucks, electric commercial vehicles are much easier to maintain. Using a lithium ion battery as a source of power, there’s no timing belt, radiator fluids, oil, filters, or engine to maintain, repair, or replace. This means you can expect less service appointments, which will save you money and time.

5. Go Further with Electric Vehicles 

Just like the most fuel-efficient semi trucks, electric commercial vehicles are going further distances while using less energy. The newest models on the market of electric semi trucks are getting a greater driving radius on a single battery charge, and now reaching up to a couple hundred miles with improved towing capacity. Plus, more charging stations are available at convenient locations along trucking routes.

6. Electric Vehicles Are Less Noisy

Without an internal combustion engine, these trucks run quiet and are more enjoyable to drive. Not only is the loud rumble a distraction, the constant vibration can be uncomfortable for anyone behind the wheel of a big rig. With less noise coming from under the hood and a smooth ride, drivers can focus on the road and get their job done.

7. Electric Vehicles Have Useful Accessories  

These work vehicles come with innovative design features and cutting-edge technology. The new electric F-150 uses its electricity for its plug-ins so drivers on the job can charge portable devices and tools for projects. There’s also extra storage capacity, with a number of different ways to use your electric vehicle’s “frunk.”

8. Store Electricity for Emergencies with Electric Vehicles

In emergency situations, large electric commercial vehicles can be a valuable resource for providing electricity. Electric commercial trucks have V2G (vehicle-to-grid) capabilities, which enables them to store and give back electricity to a power grid. This can be useful for power outages, during times requiring storm recovery, and situations involving first responders.

9. Improve Brand Image with Electric Vehicles

Business owners or managers that run a fleet with electric trucks are creating a clean image for their company. Choosing to go electric can help generate positive publicity for your business while you show you care for the environment. Larger names in the trucking industry have seen this pay off with their business grabbing headlines, gaining followers online, and becoming a trusted service provider in the industry while using electric trucks.

Less carbon emissions, improved driving, monetary savings, and a positive company image, there are a number of reasons to consider switching your fleet to electric vehicles. And in the near future, you can expect more of these innovative trucks and vans to arrive in the marketplace. If you’re looking for new or used commercial vans or trucks for sale, be sure to see all the listings nationwide on and our sister site


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Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller

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