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6 Tips for Using and Maintaining an Electric Vehicle

Truck drivers and fleet owners are finding a number of key benefits of electric vehicles (EVs), including easier maintenance and repairs. In addition to being eco-friendly and cost efficient, these electric work trucks and vans are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and therefore have fewer parts and provide significant savings on fuel costs. However, since some of this technology is new, there’s still a lot to learn. To help you out, Commercial Truck Trader is sharing six tips for using and maintaining an electric vehicle.

1. Take Care of Your Electric Vehicle’s Motor

Instead of relying on an internal combustion engine, EVs depend on an electric motor to get around. There are no more timing belts, radiator fluids, or other complicated parts that are found with vehicles using fuel. However, even without common problems and repairs for fuel-powered big rigs, you should still have your EV regularly inspected and serviced by a professional, based on the number of miles you drive, in order to make sure all of your vehicle’s parts are in working order.

2. Keep Up with Battery Maintenance for Electric Vehicles

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs are your electric work vehicle’s source of power, and give your truck all the juice it needs to keep the electric motor going. You want to charge your battery all the way to 100% to improve its duration for use with a single charge, and space out how often you’re charging the battery to improve its life cycle. Avoid exposing your battery and vehicle to extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. Have a technician check your batteries if you notice any problems.

3. Check Your Electric Vehicle’s Tires and Brakes

Electric vehicles come with specially designed tires and brakes which are driver-friendly and responsive, making these vehicles more efficient. However, you still want to be careful with how hard you’re braking and avoid driving on rough roads and terrain that can damage or wear down your tires. Check your vehicle’s brake fluids and consult your owner’s manual for when you should add fluid. Have your tires regularly rotated, aligned, and replaced to improve traction and to use less vehicle energy.

4. Inspect Your Electric Vehicle’s Cooling System

Cooling systems are essential to maintaining the temperature in your EV and preventing parts from overheating, which could affect how your vehicle runs and cause damage. This is something you definitely want to stay on top of with heavy duty vehicles like semi trucks hauling heavy loads on long routes. If you are concerned about the condition of your cooling system, check your owner’s manual or seek a professional mechanic familiar with EVs for maintenance and repairs.

5. Ensure Your Electric Vehicle’s Air Conditioning and Air Filter Are in Top Shape

Long haul drivers or drivers making deliveries in cargo vans will need their air conditioning in working order during the hot summer. If there is any issue with the AC, you may need a trained mechanic to replace the refrigerant or coolants. High quality air is also another important essential for drivers. Regularly replace your air filter for clean air in the cab.

6. Wash Your Electric Vehicle

Keep the electric work trucks or vans in your fleet in top shape and looking their best by frequently giving them a wash. Just like with other work trucks, cleaning your EV will prevent damage and depreciation over time. While you clean, see if your windshield wipers and fluids will need to be replaced.

Easier for maintaining and making repairs, electric work vehicles run their best with proper care. With these tips, you’ll be able to drive efficiently and keep the vehicles in your fleet going strong. If you’re looking for your next new or used commercial vehicle, be sure to see the nation’s largest inventory of units on or our sister site


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Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller

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