The Best Places to Eat on the Road

Regional driving means regional eating, and resources are easily available to help you find the best local food out there.

Tips for Keeping Comfy in the Driver’s Seat

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20 Ways to Feel at Home in the Cab

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Texting Truckers: How Dangerous is Distracted Driving?

71% of large-truck crashes have occurred when the truck driver was focusing on doing something other than operating the vehicle.

8 Tips for Maintaining Mental Health on the Road

Successful drivers are those who consistently deliver their loads safely, in a timely fashion, while maintaining a decent quality of life.

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Autonomous Cargo Drones Could Disrupt Transportation

Unmanned cargo drones are being developed in order to revolutionize the transportation of goods across local, regional, and national distances.

New Program To Allow Vets Under 21 to Drive Big-Rigs Across State Lines

The 2015 FAST Act highway bill required the FMCSA to establish an under-21 pilot program for military members and veterans.