Everything You Need to Know About Upfits

A wide range of work requires a wide range of vehicles and equipment. That’s why so many business owners, contractors, and other workers turn to upfits — upgrades and additions installed onto truck and van bodies.

From how vehicles get upfitted, to the benefits of upfits, to a Q&A with a local dealer, Commercial Truck Trader has all the articles and videos you need to get up-to-date on upfits!


What You Need to Know About Upfits

Get the scoop on all things upfits, from what they are and how you can acquire one, to what’s trending in the industry.


The Upside of Vehicle Upfits

What is the full value of an upfit? Watch this quick video that explores the 5 benefits of upfitting your commercial vehicle.


5 Benefits for Your Business

Why do people upfit their trucks and vans? Check out this infographic that dives deeper into the benefits of upfitting your work vehicle.


2021 RAM ProMaster: A Hall MileOne Autogroup Walkaround

Watch as our friends over at Hall walk around an upfitted 2021 RAM ProMaster on their lot and explain all the features of this new model.


Ways to Upfit & Customize a Cargo Van

Take a deeper dive into how this 2021 RAM ProMaster transformed from a blank cargo van into an upfitted work vehicle tailored specifically for a Hall customer.


A Dealer Answers Your Top 10 Questions about Upfits

Although there are many benefits of upfits, obtaining an upfitted truck or van can be complicated. We asked Hall MileOne Autogroup to answer your top 10 questions.



5 Crazy Upfits We Want to See

And just for fun… have you ever wondered how you could upgrade a pickup truck for entertainment or relaxation? We have, so we put together this satirical list of crazy upfits we’d love to see!

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