4 Ways to Retain Truck Drivers

Each time a driver leaves a company, there are considerable costs for on-boarding new candidates and covering the costs of disruptions to the shipping schedule.

Should Former Convicts Be Hired As Drivers?

There are millions of free and on-parole felons in the U.S. who are looking for a fresh start through meaningful work.

Truckers Are Here to Stay, Despite Self-Driving Tech

While the widespread adoption of automated vehicles (AVs) may seem inevitable, truckers won’t be so easily pushed out of the driver’s seat - at least not for the next few decades.

Driver Retention: More Money, Less Fried-Chicken?

While the transportation of goods continues to be a backbone of American production and growth, more and more truck cabs are found with an empty driver's seat.

Big Brother: The Anti-Cam View of the Dash-Cam Debate

Don't you hate it when you're minding your own business, singing John Denver at the top of your lungs, and your manager from work pops his head in to see how you're doing? If that awkward situation doesn't seem very likely, you’re probably not a trucker weighing the pros and cons of dash cams.

Big Benefits: The Pro-Cam View of the Dash-Cam Debate

You know the chaos that can immediately follow an accident: Four-wheel drivers or property owners claim an incident was all the trucker’s fault and want to sue somebody, the trucker says he did nothing wrong and wants to protect his career, law enforcement tries to make...