Class:CLASS 7 (GVW 26001 - 33001)
Category:Cab Chassis
Location:Grandview, TX

Description & Comments

, REDUCED! Someone needs to come LOOK at this virtually new 1996 truck! It may sound too good to be true, but it's the real deal. I bought this because I am not exactly fond of electronics, and believe non-electronic vehicles are a great plus, especially when they are in fine condition. If you think likewise, you can benefit from my decision to sell. I intended to use this in Belize, where I now live, but decided that, at 73, I don't need another 'adventure' down through Mexico, and am simplifying life.It is in perfect condition, with less than 8,000 miles because it was an airplane de-icing truck at Dallas/Ft Worth airfield for American Airlines. Never did a lick of hard work (John Deere generator on the body did that). Never licensed, never left the tarmac. Where can you a virtually new, non-electronic truck that you can actually fix yourself? The only 'electronic' component is a simple ignition control module stocked at any AutoZone, O'Reilly's, etc (sample pictured against a $50 bill - what it costs!!). And you can even install that yourself in less than 5 minutes, if you've never changed a tire or a spark plug. Pictures don’t do it justice.1996 model F700, Super HD, 12,000# front axle, 23,000# rear, 429 (7-liter) big block with nearly 500 # ft torque, 545 Allison transmission. Body, interior are flawless, no chips, dents, cracks, wears or tears,. Tires are new, not original, and you get everything else virtually new: brakes, alternator, starter, power steering, tie rods, universal joints - you get the picture, nothing to fix or replace for tens of thousands of miles and years of service.10’ from cab to axle, 6' from axle to back of frame rail, w/super (removable) anti-roll bar. This is more than a fair value for a nearly new truck that will net you far more profit than the $50-60,000 current electronic models. Call Joseph, 817- 487-6183, anytime except Sundays. My loss, your gain. Enjoy.

Ford F700 5005241781
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