Category:Reefer Van
Location:West Valley City, UT
Fuel Tank Size:50
Interior Color:WHITE
Options: 102" wide

Description & Comments

2016 GREAT DANE CARRIER UNIT, Incredible Unique Opportunity For The Right Buyer, and Save Up to $12,500 Great Dane 2016 Everest Super Seal 53 FT. Trailer with Carrier Reefer Unit Only At 58 Hrs. Brand New !! Almost brand new status with only 58 hrs. on reefer unit. I bought the trailer brand new to continue hauling produce from Southern California to Salt Lake City, Utah. But as soon as I started the shipper start loading overweight 80 K. + lbs. So I only did about 3 more loads and I switch to Dry Freight loads. Our new route does not required reefer, it is all dry freight. That's why the Carrier Reefer unit has very low hours of service. I still turn it on every week for about 5 minutes just to keep the battery charged and engine in good working conditions. Because I owned the trailer I take good care and no company driver ever work with it. Meaning I never jump curves, overheat the brakes, or abused it in any way. On the outside the walls are in brand new status. I always load my pallets in the middle nothing touching the walls, as you can see in the pictures. We wash the trailer at Blue Beacon every month with Rain X and tire dressing. Blue Coral Paint Coating.Tires : This trailer first came out with Bridgestone brand I got 350 K miles out of it. The new set of 8 Michelin tires are about 7 months old and are wearing out badly. I found out Michelin is buying their raw material from China... There is nothing wrong with alignment or anything like it. As proven with previous brand. The following comes with the trailer : HENDRICKSON TIRE AUTO INFLATION DEFLATION SYSTEM. AIR RESOURCE BOARD CERTIFICATION ( ARB ) GOOD TILL 2023. RIGHT WEIGHT WI-FI SCALES SEE THE WEIGHTS ON YOUR PHONE. AUTOMATIC AXLE RELEASE BUTTON. FLOW-BELOW AERODYNAMICS SYSTEM FOR EXTREME FUEL SAVINGS. 4 POLISH ALUMINUM RIMS. ABS EQUIPPED. OWNER OPERATOR UPGRADE CUSTOM CHROME. 4 NEW 43K. BRAKE PADS. 4 NEW DRUMS.NONE EXPIRING IDAHO PLATES. D.O.T. PASS ( CALIFORNIA P.O.E. ) IN TILL AUGUST 2019. IF YOU KNOW WHAT IT MEANS. THERMOGUARD WALLS FOR FUEL SAVINGS. TITLE AND INSPECTION PAPERWORK ON HAND READY TO GO. Why selling : I purchased the trailer cash ($77,000.00) I kept it but my medical shipper is requiring a dry van now. Reefer trailers are in back order for 5 to 7 months out. Costing around $73,000 to 80,000 depending on the specifications like mine is an upgrade owner operator custom made. I have 160 pictures and video. to send upon request. if needed. By buying my trailer you could be saving up to $12,500.00 and still acquire a brand new Carrier Reefer unit with only 58 Hours Of Service. and almost a brand new status trailer that has been owned by a 28 years of experience 0 accident Owner Operator. that believes in Quality Not Quantity. let's do the Smart Choice.