Location:Wilmer, TX

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2019 Gallegos PNEUMATIC TRAILER, Gallegos 2019 Capacity: 1040 cft.Type: Dry Bulk Pneumatic Length: 42 Feet Width: 8.53 High: 12.57 Feet. Body: Aluminum 5454-H32 Cal.3/16 Upper Catwalk: Aluminum 5454-H32. Chassis: 3/16” plate Vibrating System Designed to Operate at: 15PSI Hydrostatic Test: 30PSI. Air Tank: 60 Gal. 5th Wheel Plate: A-36 3/8 Adjustable Discharge Cones: (4) Four, straight with “Flow Cone” type vibrating system Sandblasted: Included. Paint: Color: Dupont Imron 5000 Landing Gear: One JOST set. Conspicuity Tape: 2” Grote, DOT Approved Anticorrosive: Included. Mudflaps: Gallegos Rear Loading System: None. Safeguard Structure: Included Suspension: Hendrickson Pneumatic Intraax 25,000lbs Axles: (2) Two round, 25,000lbs 71.5 Unimont Doble Booster: Included. Auto Slack Adjustment: Included ABS System: Both Axles. Laser Wheel Alignment: Included Domes: (3) 20” with steel neck and aluminum cover with 6 ears for airtight closing Lights: LED Grote, DOT Approved. Discharge Pipe: Pneumatic Type Designed to operate: At 15 PSI. Rear Ladder: Included Fenders: Aluminum in Front and Rear. Pressure Air Supply Line: On top 3” Pressure Gauges: (2) check air pressure line and body. Bottom Line Extension: Included of Steel Tires: (8) 11R 24.5. Wheels: (8) Aluminum Alcoa 24.5 , 8,000lbs We sell and finance trailers. WE WORK WITH ALL TYPES OF CREDIT AND HAVE FINANCE PROGRAMS TO FIT EVERY SITUATION. We make it easy and affordable for you to finance your next truck or trailer quick and easy. Call JEFF Today at 469-906-2024 Hablamos español llámenos hoy para iniciar el proceso para obtener su crédito. Aquí aceptamos todos los tipos de crédito.

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