Category:Storage Trailer
Location:Hutchins, TX

Description & Comments

2019 Gallegos TRAILER, 2019 PORTABLE CEMENT STORAGE SILO (4100 CF) "GALLEGOS" BRAND, TYPE PNEUMATIC PRESSURIZED HORIZONTAL SILO (4100 CF CAPACITY 57' LONG 13.5' HIGH AND 11' WIDE, BODY: Black Steel 3/16" cal with inside reinforcing rings CHASSIS 1/4" Plate DESIGNED TO OPERATE AT: 15 PSI PNEUMATIC TEST: 30 PSI 5TH WHEEL PLATE: A-36 3/8 bolted DISCHARGE CONES: (6) SIX Solimar Fluidizer Pad on each lid SUSPENSION: HUTCH Spring Suspension H9700S AXLES: (1) One 30,000 lbs Unimont, 77.5 DOUBLE BOOSTER: Haldex Gold seal break chambers AUTO SLACK ADJUSTMENT: Haldex S-ABA self setting DOMES: (1) - 20 Knappco with steel neck and aluminum cover with 6 ears for airflight closing LANDING GEAR: 5 sets of Screw Jack Legs and Wide Feet ANTI - CORROSION PRIMER BY DUPONT LIGHTS: LED Grote, DOT approved DISCHARGE PIPE: 5" W 6 butterfly 6" valves REAR LADDER: Black Steel 10 GA with inti-skid plate FENDERS: Aluminum for one axle in Rear PRESSURE GAUGES: (2) separate, check air pressure lines and body AIR PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES: (3) Sure Seal, 1 on air supply lines 1 on body - 1 in dome LOADING SYSTEM LINES (2) rear line (4") (2) front line (4") DECALS AND LEGENDS: All in English AIR SUPPLY LINES: 4" w/ Aluminum quick connectors, 4" check valve 4" auxiliary connector and 4" control buterfly vavlve TIRES: (4) SteelMark AHS 11R 24.5 NOTE: BLOWER IS NOT INCLUDED WHEELS: (4) Steel Painted White 24.5, 8,000 lbs

Gallegos TRAILER 5001486953