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10 New Year Resolutions for Truckers

Posted 2:48 PM January 6th

Its not just a new year, but a new decade. To celebrate, weve collected some popular New Year Resolutions for Truckers that you might consider adopting for yourself in 2020: 1. Eat Healthy: It can be hard to stay healthy on the road, so be proactive with your diet in the new year by stocking …   Read more

7 Tips for Maximizing Your Trade Show Attendance

Posted 9:30 AM January 1st

Trade shows and expos are so interesting. Going to a trade show for the industry that you work in is the equivalent of a comic book fan going to Comic Con- its a big deal. Trade shows are a unique opportunity to be surrounded by professionals and other individuals in your field …   Read more

12 Ways to Feel at Home in Your Cab Over the Holidays

Posted 9:00 AM November 25th

Driving can be lonely, tough work, especially over the holidays when most people expect to celebrate with family. Any chance, then, for truckers to add a little more cheer to their vehicle is always a welcome opportunity, especially for those operating sleeper-cabs over long hauls. Here are 12 ways to feel at home in your cab over the holidays …   Read more

Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner on the Road

Posted 10:00 AM November 18th

Spending Thanksgiving Day on the road? Sure you can pop into a rest stop offering a turkey sandwich special, but for a taste of home, you could prepare your very own Thanksgiving dinner right in the cab. Heres how (with the help of your generator and power inverter) …   Read more

Debunking 6 Myths about Commercial Sales

Posted 12:00 PM November 4th

One of our partners often helps dealers develop a commercial department from scratch. Yet too often, after their team leaves, the dealerships top management stops following their expert advice and institutes new systems based on faulty assumptions about the commercial industry. These mistakes are classic cases of fantasy vs. reality. To help you avoid falling into these misconception pitfalls, were debunking 6 myths …   Read more

13 Tips for Avoiding Scams When Buying Online

Posted 10:00 AM October 23rd

As the leading online marketplace for buying and selling commercial vehicles, Commercial Truck Trader understands just how useful the Internet can be in connecting buyers and sellers. However, it is essential that online shoppers always be on the lookout for scams. Spikes in scams occur around the holidays in retail, and at the beginning and peak of the busy season in commercial - but scams can happen all year round …   Read more

Drivers Beware! 9 of the Most Haunted Roads in America

Posted 9:30 AM October 18th

Drivers across the nation have spine-tingling tales of the strange and supernatural, from creepy local folktales to terrifying personal experiences. In the spirit of the Halloween season, weve collected accounts from 9 of the most haunted roads in America. If you find yourself driving on any of these roads, beware! …   Read more

Top Exercises for Truckers

Posted 9:40 AM October 14th

Every driver knows how tough it can be to stay healthy when on the road, making it no surprise that approximately 70% of truckers are overweight or obese. Weve written previously about general practices for good health, how to maintain mental health, and achieving proper posture, but we havent taken an in-depth look at exercises on the road - until now. In this post, were breaking down which exercises can help drivers stay fit during long hauls …   Read more

Scrappy Marketing on a Budget: Evaluating Email Campaign Success

Posted 10:00 AM October 7th

Being scrappy with resources doesnt mean a dealerships marketing strategies should suffer. Even on a tight budget, commercial dealers can maximize exposure, cultivate a sterling reputation, develop a leading voice, and become a powerhouse in sales. In Part 5D of our ongoing Scrappy Marketing on a Budget series …   Read more

8 Easy Trucker Recipes for On-the-Road Cooking

Posted 10:00 AM September 23rd

When driving days are particularly long (and most of them are), the last thing many truckers want to do is take the time to attempt a complicated recipe using their cabs relatively simple cooking amenities. Thats why so many drivers dashboards are littered with fast-food wrappers, which is certainly convenient, but not very healthy. In fact, 65% of truckers say its hard to eat right1 and 70% of truckers are overweight …   Read more

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