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Commercial Truck News

4 Big Reasons to Buy Used Commercial Vehicles

Posted 4:34 PM September 18th

From expanding your fleet to simply replacing unrepairable trucks, there are many motivations that may lead you to consider buying a commercial vehicle. At Commercial Truck Trader, were dedicated to connecting business owners and drivers with the very best trucks and vans for their lives and livelihoods. Our online marketplace offers listings of new and …   Read more

Drivers Beware! 11 More Haunted Roads in America

Posted 10:13 AM September 16th

Drivers across the nation have spine-tingling tales of the strange and supernatural, from creepy local folktales to terrifying personal experiences. Last year, we reviewed 9 of the most haunted roads in America, which largely focused on the East Coast. This year we’re back, with 11 more haunted roads stretching across the United States, from Wisconsin …   Read more

Back to School: Buying a Commercial Vehicle During a Pandemic (Infographic)

Posted 1:20 PM September 1st

Across the country, students are returning to school (or virtual classrooms) to learn new things. And for those who are in the market for a new commercial vehicle, its time to go back to school too. Theres plenty to review about purchasing best practices, and now theres a new subject: buying during COVID-19. So, before …   Read more

Back to School: Lessons & Reminders for Truckers

Posted 11:59 AM August 18th

As summer comes to end, families across the country are gearing up for the return of school. Notebooks, pencils, class schedules, carpools — theres quite a bit to organize before a new semester. At Commercial Truck Trader, weve decided to go back to school, too, and have put together this list of tidy reminders for …   Read more

Lead Enrichment 101: The Basics

Posted 2:07 PM August 13th

More than ever, consumers have turned to the Internet to learn about, browse for, and complete transactions. For commercial vehicles,this trend feels different than the shopping process of years past. Instead of dealers like you talking with consumers face-to-face while they contemplate their purchase, now, a huge portion of that process has moved online. As …   Read more

Buying a Commercial Vehicle in the Age of COVID: 6 Tips for Socially Distant Shopping

Posted 3:30 PM August 3rd

Even as the nation has reopened following the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, public health and government officials are urgently asking Americans to maintain precautions in order to slow the spread of the virus. Wearing a mask and keeping 6 feet of distance from others is simple enough, but how has coronavirus impacted the process …   Read more

5 Tips For Preventing Truck Accidents

Posted 2:41 PM July 7th

Driving a vehicle always involves risk. Driving a large vehicle such as a semi-truck involves even greater risk. In addition to potential property damage in the event of a collision, big-rigs are also a greater risk for causing serious injuries if they crash on the road. While it’s true that many truck accidents are unavoidable, …   Read more

8 Tips for Selling Your Commercial Vehicle

Posted 4:12 PM June 30th

Online research is crucial to many buyers today, and if selling your commercial truck or van is a top priority, posting it on Commercial Truck Trader is a great place to start reaching those buyers. We have millions of visitors actively looking for their next commercial vehicle on our site each month, so youre sure …   Read more

From Big-Rig Bod to Beach Bod (Infographic)

Posted 9:52 AM June 19th

Everyone wants to have a beach bod when summer comes around, but it can be tough when youre starting with big-rig bod. Every driver knows how tough it can be to stay healthy when on the road, making it no surprise that approximately 70% of truckers are overweight. But if you want to get more …   Read more

Are Drivers Always Liable For Truck Accidents?

Posted 1:59 PM June 15th

When commercial trucking accidents happen, investigators look into the many potential factors that may have contributed to the crash. In some cases, driver error coupled with poor maintenance are to blame for the collision. But oftentimes, investigators discover that other parties were also to blame, as they may have failed to keep up with their …   Read more

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